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You have just found the last planner you will ever need!


One of the greatest things in the world to do is to set down and read a book. However, it seems like when you go to the book store you always have that feeling of “I was supposed to pickup X book” but then you just can’t remember what “X” is! These planner sheets will fix that!

Our Books to Read planner inserts, in our popular Dots Collection, come in 8 different colors.  The pages are lined with enough room to write down the titles (and other information) for up to 23 books.  To the left of each line is a box to check for when you have read the book.

So the next time you are cruising the Internet and see a book that interests you, or hear someone talking about a book, you can jot down the book info on your Books to Read list for future reading.  The list is also helpful for those books that you really want to read, but you just can’t bring yourself to pay the $27.00 for it… add it to your list for when it goes on sale!

** NOTE: This page is designed to print on a full letter page and then be cut in half to make a half letter size planner insert, 5.5″ wide by 8.5″ tall **

Colors Available:


Files in download:

  1. One Full letter formatted PDFs – a PDF that is ready to print on 8.5″x11″ paper. Each page will contain two copies of the Books to Read page, and each PDF is two pages long to make it easy to print using a duplexer.  Printing using a duplex option (or running your sheets back through a second time) will make double sided sheets for your planner.  The sheets will need to be cut in half after printing to fit your 5.5×8.5 planner.

**** PLEASE NOTE: this is a downloadable item, you will receive the files to print your planner inserts at home.  If you want the printed version (physical product), then check out one our print combo packages. ****